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Weight loss progress report. Started a little over 3 months ago and today I finally hit the 15 pound mark. I woke up and weighed in at 183 pounds! :))

So let me tell you a little bit on how I did it so you can hear how simple it was…

The first thing I do when I wake up is have a small glass of water… instantly makes you feel better. Next I have a fuel and that usually fills me for breakfast… about an hour later after getting ready for work i take my skinne, i can feel the effects immediately like a sudden clarity and energy that goes on for the entire morning and early afternoon until about 3 pm. I drink a glass of water every hour on the hour. I honestly could have even better results if I take two skinn├ęs a day and follow the program 100 percent but I like the fact I’ve never been a 100% consistent with the program and I’m still getting amazing results. No more overhauling my life and no more boot camps… I choose if I want to exercise which I am doing because I want to build some lean muscle but I’m not stressing any mess-up or cheating like they call it because I know I’m still burning the fat by taking the skinne and as long as I don’t hit the buffets for lunch im good lol.

Trust me if you want to try something new then try nutrie, we stand by our product and satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back go to http://www.bo.automaticbody.com you’ll love the focus and energy from skinne and fuel protein is one of the best protein shakes out in the market. One love sincerely, Bo Del Villar.

Please comment below don’t hesitate to ask me anything you’d like about the product and program I look forward to it


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