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No Time To Exercise? Impossible: Here’s How
By Midoo elh on 15:04

If you’re breathing right now you have time to work out.
You may just need to learn to recognize the time you have and how to use it effectively.
The answer to “no time” for daily workouts is the “bits and pieces” approach, using dumbbells while at home- and possibly at work.

Surely you can find 20-45 minutes every third or fourth day for your aerobic workout- brisk walking or running either around the block or at your local high school track.

The bits and pieces approach to working out allows one to utilize the shortest increment of time- perhaps as little as 30-45 seconds at a time- to work in a workout.

With money it’s easy to grasp that spending a little bit here and there quickly adds up to a lot. Working out in bits and pieces is no different. When you combine this approach with consistency you get an easy formula for finding time for fitness despite a busy life.

Think of all the moments during your day when you’re waiting for something or someone.
If you had some dumbbells handy you could do a set of bicep curls. If you knew a variety of strength training movements using dumbbells you could get a full body workout in your otherwise wasted minutes throughout your day. You’d be able to use otherwise wasted time constructively. In fact you could eliminate wasting time.
You’ll need a flexible mind- and perhaps a paradigm shift or two- in order to accept and believe that the bits and pieces approach can work for you.

If you think of working out as something you can only do away from home- or possibly work- then that is the first paradigm you need to shift out of.
If you think your workout must last close to an hour-or needs to be done all in one block of time, then that is the next paradigm to shift away from.

If you think you need to break a sweat or “kill yourself” to get a good workout, then that’s still another paradigm to shift away from.
If you were to bite the bullet and take a single block of time to work out, you might find you felt so good because of it that you now won’t live any other way. But if that’s not happening then try this other method.
Put your bits and pieces of time- your otherwise wasted minutes throughout the day- to good use. Strength training with weights makes this possible.

Start recognizing small increments of time when you could dart away quickly and do a bit of your workout. Keep your dumbbells in plain sight to help you remember to use them and keep them close by so you don’t need to dart very far to get to them and then get back to what you were doing.

Here are some quick examples of available time:
• Long holds on a phone call
• Waiting for water to boil
• Helping kids with homework
• Waiting on the clothes in the dryer or the iron to heat
• TV commercial breaks
After you learn to recognize otherwise wasted time get into the habit of using it to exercise. Many stretches or movements using dumbbells can be done in extremely small time increments.

Be dressed and ready. Wear clothing that allows for moving freely so that extra time isn’t required to change clothes.
A gym is great but not necessary all the time. A single block of time is great- but other options work well too.
Bits and pieces of time (30-60 seconds scattered throughout your day) can cumulate to a significant amount day in and day out.

The result of this method is you will have worked out almost without noticing it!
You could also discover that working out in bits and pieces gets you into the mood to work out more because it eases your body into motion.

by Gene W. Hall

That’s where the automaticbody program comes in handy. Its designed for people who don’t believe they have time to exercise.

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Another amazing before and after
by automaticbody

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Congratulations steve.

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Fuel now with 30 Grams of Protein

by automaticbody-Whether you are a high performance athlete, exercise enthusiast or someone just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, fuel by nutrié is the ideal protein-enriched nutritional beverage. Used as a meal replacement or supplment, fuel provides a blend of high-quality hormone free whey protein with complex carbohydrates, functional fats, vitamins and minerals in the form of a Grab and Go Shake! in addition, Fuel promotes recovery from exercise, supports lean muscle growth and helps sustain energy levels.-30 grams of hormone free whey protein-2 grams of sugar-Excellent source of calcium -Gluten Free -Nutrie-

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Ps: it also contains cocoa look up the benefits

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