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Another amazing before and after
by automaticbody

With all the wonderful success stories of individuals shedding off the unwanted pounds, many people will ask; What if i am already somewhat slim and I just want to maybe lose a few pounds and gain more defined muscle mass?The answer is simple, yes you can. Take a look at the before and after photos. No matter your body type or your health / fitness goal, the nutrié family of products can help you achieve your desired result.


Congratulations steve.

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never give up!

Thirty Five and Fit

As many of you know I’ve been struggling to keep focused a little due to routine interruption from work and travel etc. In addition to many if your comments of encouragement – thank you all- I came across the below at about the right time indeed.


So with that, I conclude all is not lost. I will be taking it easy over the next 6 days as I will be travelling to Jamaica with work and so my routine will be interrupted. I will however endeavour to transition to a carb free diet on the 1st and will be also moving towards more WOD sessions for the month and ab workouts in the mornings at home. So that’s the plan!

7am – green tea, 2 eggs

1pm – 5 bite size fish pieces and a very mini chicken roti

3pm – fruit and nut mix

6pm – 1/2 avocado, 1…

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FYI the ingredients in our fuel product is the best and Nutrie spared no expense when producing it. Fuel has the best protein in the market from Australia an is hormone free which is a huge deal in the Health and fitness arena. Love your body and give it some Fuel. One love everyone… feel free to leave a comment or some feedback or suggestions on topic.

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Automaticbody by Nutrie
Good morning everyone I just reset my challenge back to day one because I was taking the product without using the program details due to outdated computer an phone technical issues. This week is module one which is to boost the metabolism… 8 am a can of fuel soo good tastes like chocolate and only 140 calories, 9am a shot of skinne let the day begin! Check out http://bo.automaticbody.com and add to favorites. Share with friends and family and I’m here or any questions you may have via text, call or email. Have a blessed day everyone.

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