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Water is a very important part of the automaticbody program. Do yourself a huge favor and drink your Water when the app tells you to. Here’s why


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Another amazing before and after
by automaticbody

With all the wonderful success stories of individuals shedding off the unwanted pounds, many people will ask; What if i am already somewhat slim and I just want to maybe lose a few pounds and gain more defined muscle mass?The answer is simple, yes you can. Take a look at the before and after photos. No matter your body type or your health / fitness goal, the nutrié family of products can help you achieve your desired result.


Congratulations steve.

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Right now you can take full advantage of the automaticbody product called Energé. Tonight and tomorrow only if you buy one case of Energé you get the second free plus shipping.

If your looking to get your head in the game whether its at work, studying,  exams or the long comute, then you need to try this product. Energé will give you the sustained energy you need without the crash and its healthy for you.

If your kids are already drinking those other energy drinks then do them a favor and buy them the healthy alternative which is Energé
PS: they taste amazing
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Talk about cheating!! I pigged out today, it’s kind of funny that this morning I just had a fuel for breakfast. Later in the day I went to an ABC party and had some fruit with Greek yogurt and some veggie and dip and about a half can of energé for an afternoon boost since I did not have a skinne this morning. I then went to share some product with another good friend of mine in the vicinity and shared the Nutrie opportunity and program so she can get started on the road to health and fitness. That is another person I may have influenced on changing their life towards new health goals 🙂 I love the feeling of offering a genuine and proven program that can literally teach you the secrets that celebrities and athletes alike have used to stay in the greatest shape possible and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Any how back to cheat day progress I then went home and we decided to eat #subway for dinner and that’s when it really got ugly for me here’s the list below
1) footlong at least it was whole grain bread
2) my wife’s half of her Footlong
3) friendlys sunday ice cream cup(300 calories) not proud of that but it was great!
4) half of a Jill delvillars home baked goodies cookie
5) two 8 ounce cups of carrot juice

All within a 3 hour period. I am definitely putting an emphasis on cheat Sunday today. Like I always say its time to put that skinne to the test next week

Oh by the way i did a progress weigh in before the gluttony gene kicked in and I check in at 187 down from about 198 and body fat slowly creeping down to 18.%

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