Look deeply into this picture and you can see the meaning of what I’m about to say.

Just for a minute imagine the clouds and the moon you see is the heavens looking down upon us. Would you consider that to be possible, doesnt it feel so real when you put your mind to it.. I mean LOOK.

Anything in your subconscious that you can imagine is possible even if only in your mind at the moment. The energy you put out whether its positive or negative creates changes in your surroundings in your world beyond human understanding.

It is real to me and very tangible because most energy created that can’t be seen by the human eye can still be felt without having to touch.

I just took this picture and it just so happens to be right next to a church. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with religion or what i believe in but to me its no coincidence and its a reminder to me that the universe I live in is alive meaning real because of what i believe. Its an absolutely perfect example of why reality is only what you make it.

Energy put out by humanity creates matter, it creates reality, it can litteraly change anything in this world and beyond the planet. I’m just saying we should unite and put out the energy needed for a better world together and it will be. It can come in the form of prayer, meditation, the universe or simply wishful thinking because that will lead to action.

Please share with friends and family and help share this energy I just made your reality through this potrait made by _ _ _ . Fill in your blank whatever it is just think of #peace, #love and no #hunger and lets help change the #world together.

One #love
Bonny del villar

Comments are welcomed just remember #positive breeds positive.



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By Caroline Medley, Group Fitness Director

Highline Club offers over 50 group fitness classes a week, all included in your membership. The group fitness instructor team at Highline Club fundamentally believes in getting more people moving. We pursue this belief through our partnering with Body Training Systems (BTS) a group fitness development company that specializes in developing a variety of fitness class programs.

Each quarter, the team at BTS creates a new class for each program to keep things fresh and exciting. The BTS Group Fitness Launch is your chance to try all the new routines before anyone else!

The Group Fitness instructors at Highline Club want to personally invite everyone, members and non-members alike, to come be our guest this Sunday, October 13th!

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🙂 thank you

Healthy Hefe

photo (4)Meal Prep is a key element in maintaining a well balanced diet and meeting all of your weight loss goals. Meal Prep makes it easy to stick to your plan, significantly lowers your grocery bills, and makes a healthy lifestyle attainable for people from all walks of life. My personal motivation for meal prepping is to avoid the urge to stop by a fast food restaurant for something loaded with preservatives and artificial sugars. No one can plan the random situations that will arise throughout the week, but you can be prepared with healthy meals and snacks to tackle any and every situation that arises.

Failing to Plan

Where do I begin?

Start with your mentality: Most people who ask me about meal prep have never even tried it. Just do it! Stop waiting for a magical meal-prep genie to give you all the answers needed to meal prep. Trust me—it’s not go…

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