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Talk about cheating!! I pigged out today, it’s kind of funny that this morning I just had a fuel for breakfast. Later in the day I went to an ABC party and had some fruit with Greek yogurt and some veggie and dip and about a half can of energĂ© for an afternoon boost since I did not have a skinne this morning. I then went to share some product with another good friend of mine in the vicinity and shared the Nutrie opportunity and program so she can get started on the road to health and fitness. That is another person I may have influenced on changing their life towards new health goals🙂 I love the feeling of offering a genuine and proven program that can literally teach you the secrets that celebrities and athletes alike have used to stay in the greatest shape possible and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Any how back to cheat day progress I then went home and we decided to eat #subway for dinner and that’s when it really got ugly for me here’s the list below
1) footlong at least it was whole grain bread
2) my wife’s half of her Footlong
3) friendlys sunday ice cream cup(300 calories) not proud of that but it was great!
4) half of a Jill delvillars home baked goodies cookie
5) two 8 ounce cups of carrot juice

All within a 3 hour period. I am definitely putting an emphasis on cheat Sunday today. Like I always say its time to put that skinne to the test next week

Oh by the way i did a progress weigh in before the gluttony gene kicked in and I check in at 187 down from about 198 and body fat slowly creeping down to 18.%

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Had my fuel a half hour behind on schedule. Automatic body program is so simple visit automatic body add to your favorites and feel free to comment below or contact me with any questions or feedback I would greatly appreciate it
Join the revolution in health and fitness!
Automatic body by Nutrie is not a quick fix diet so take action now and change your life! The bet home based business opportunity out on the market this year and the most amazing product and program created by Kim Lyons and Aaron parkinson

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Automaticbody by Nutrie
Good morning everyone I just reset my challenge back to day one because I was taking the product without using the program details due to outdated computer an phone technical issues. This week is module one which is to boost the metabolism… 8 am a can of fuel soo good tastes like chocolate and only 140 calories, 9am a shot of skinne let the day begin! Check out http://bo.automaticbody.com and add to favorites. Share with friends and family and I’m here or any questions you may have via text, call or email. Have a blessed day everyone.

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First day of my Automaticbody program
Check out my link http://www.facebook.com/bo.delvillar/posts/134628580046749
Send me a friend request and follow me on a journey to getting fit within the next 90 days.

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That’s right! What other company you know in the world has made a seven plus million dollar order just to stay ahead of the orders coming in from the skinnĂ© in the first 4 and a half weeks post launch! Get yours today visit http://Be.automaticbody.com and add to your favorites. My name is Bo del Villar and if you haven’t heard of it yet this company called Nutrie has created a revolutionary product and program called automaticbody with the help of the original trainer for the biggest loser Kim Lyons. I am here for the sole purpose of sharing the opportunity to help others on their journey for health and to lose the weight. Also becoming successful with the help of Rick Gutman, John de Vries and all of the leaders of the Nutrie family. 2013 is the year we help make a change. The fight against obesity and foreclosure has begun. Guys I’m telling you if you’re not interested in the opportunity for the financial side at the least do it to help others and yourself get in the best shape and health you’ve ever been!
please follow me on WordPress and twitter. If you believe youhave what it takes to lead others on a journey to success then you’re the person I want to speak to. I look forward to answer any inquiries via text or call or you can email us at nutrieopportunity@gmail.com
One love

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I just saw a documentary on the pursuit of happiness and I am amazed on how the happiest people on earth are that way because they choose to be and it has everything to do with having an active lifestyle, helping others and the gratification of love for everything you do in life. I’m no expert but I do know that when I wake up in the morning and I gas my head up by making the mental decision that I will make the day a good one it automatically becomes part of my mood for the rest of the day so with that being said don’t give in to the morning woes on how your life is and choose to be happy from the moment you wake up or even further when you go to sleep. Please share your thoughts, stories and advice to inspire others to make the change in their life simply by sharing the positive word. One love!

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